Tuesday, 5 May 2009

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend - we had a great time catching up with a load of friends. We walked across to The Gurnard's Head Pub (about an hour and a half's walk from us or two hours if you take my mother-in-law's "scenic" route) and sat outside in the sun and lots of friends, coincidentally, popped in too so we ended up staying until 7pm and then walked back and got home just as the sun was setting - lovely.

Yesterday was spent doing absolutely nothing and I'm exhaused today - isn't that always the way?

On the knitting front - well, teddy is finished bar his nose and mouth (which are to be embroidered so I need to psyche myself up for that). I've done a tension square for his waistcoat, printed out the knitting square paper from here and now all I have to do is plot it out, knit it and dye it - hmm - well, nearly there - at least he's looking at me while I do it (and he hasn't got any stuffing falling out any more) - slow progress indeed.

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