Tuesday, 26 May 2009

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We had a lovely long weekend off so I've come back to work for a rest. The weather was glorious so we took our little Mirror dinghy out for a sail in Mount's Bay. Fortunately I didn't take the camera as it would have got very wet indeed. No, we didn't capsize but we're not the greatest of sailors so we had to tack quite a lot to get back to land and, by the time we did, it was high tide and there was no real beach so we grounded pretty hard and then a wave washed into the boat - I was the last in the boat sorting out sails - and I got very wet and everyone else found the whole thing hilarious apart from G (who is nearly 16 and therefore swore he'd never go back in the boat ever again!). Of such things are family memories made.

Given that this is a knitting blog, I thought I'd show you a brief view of my two WIP's. The first is The Slowest Tank Top In The History Of The World Ever which looks a bit like this:

It's actually red, navy and lime green but the camera didn't seem to like the lime green. Pattern is from the RYC book "am to pm" but Martin Storey did it in muted browns and cream and I've gone for a jazzier look. [The pattern isn't featured on our site as it's done in an RY yarn that we don't carry but if you'd like it, just give us a ring]

The second WIP is this piece of gorgeousness. It's our Cornish Organic Wool 4ply shawl but done in black and with beads. The plan is to have it done in time for the winter/Christmas market. It's pretty lush I have to say but I've now run out of my sample batch of beads so have to wait for the next 1,000 to be delivered. What's a girl to do? The only possible thing - go back to The Slowest Tank Top In The History Of The World Ever, of course. Or possibly - do accounts?

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