Monday, 11 May 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I have to confess to feeling slighly out-of-sorts today - not sure why - possibly could be something to do with 5 hours sleep on Thursday (old friends for dinner, late night - you get the idea), slightly less sleep on Friday night (barking neighbour's dog - grrrr! - if it happens again, things will have to be said - any ideas?), up at 5.30 on Saturday to drive to Bristol - excellent cotton conference - and straight home again to discover that broody hen had hatched 4 of her 5 eggs - clever girl! Have had to temporarily re-home her until new broody box-with-run arrives (hopefully tomorrow) - pictures to follow, I promise. She rejected one baby who was found more dead than alive in the hen house on the floor and was revived by G&T and is now living in our kitchen under the distinct impression that T is his Mum - very, very, indescribably sweet and also remarkably noisy for such a small thing which has just emerged from an egg. New born chickens also have the most enormous feet - bizarre. Woke up to a migraine yesterday (wonder why), took wonder migraine tablet and returned to bed and felt OK but woozy all day - so, maybe, possibly, that's why I'm a little out of sorts today. Or, maybe, it's because I have to go home and tackle paperwork I didn't do over the weekend - hmmm.

I've entered a few more buttons today in the Big Feature Buttons section - more colours in old styles - if you want one, big feature button for a special jacket then take a look at them.

Entries for the "Name The Skein" competition in this month's Knitting magazine are coming in thick and fast - Tracey was most confused to see why we had so many more emails than usual this morning! Already two people have chosen the same name - what are the chances?! Keep them coming - the more imaginative the better!

Pictures of sweet little chicken tomorrow, I promise.

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