Monday, 18 May 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Six days since my last confession - sorry, blog - so sincere apologies for lack of communication. Not only was the computer hit by a virus but so was I - and very nasty indeed it was. I took to my bed on Tuesday night with much Paracetemol (I know - you have to be careful how much you take, don't worry, I was), got up on Wednesday feeling peculiar, had a shower, no better, went back to bed and re-emerged (bar occasional dashes to the bathroom which we'll gloss over) on Saturday late morning. If I'm honest (which you know I always am) I'm still not 100% tickety-boo so be gentle on me and I'll be brief.

In the meantime, I missed a couple of meetings (sorry chaps), Lewis the baby chicken died (very sad), other baby chickens grew (excellent), we found a home for one cockerel if any of them turn out to be cockerels (new problem, if all 3 turn out to be boys which one gets the nice home, which two go in the pot - oh, lord - brainache), Tracey and Marie were total stars and manned the shop womanfully in my absence, no paperwork or accounts were done (this is bad and is looming over me) and the FB's computer spat out its last emails and gently passed away. The seeming onslaught of nasties from heaven-knows-where were too much for the old thing (we've worked out it was actually nearly 9 years old so was, in fact, in computer terms an ancient dinasour). New computer is on its way and the geeks have promised us that it'll be a) faster b) quieter and c) more secure - I know, I nearly fell off my chair laughing as well - do they really think we were born yesterday? I am not as green as I am cabbage looking (as my Mum would say).

Cornish teddy is complete - sneak preview here:

Now all I have to do is write up the pattern! That and paperwork - post viral joy.

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