Monday, 10 February 2014

Ravellenic Games (previously known as the "Knitting Olympics")

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So, it's time for that biennial event that accompanies the Olympics - the Ravellenic Games (previously known as the Knitting Olympics until the IOC got all uppity before London and wouldn't let mere knitters use the "O" word - I kid you not - look it up on good ol' Google/Ravelry for the hoo ha that went with it).

As previously said, my long, ongoing project is a blanket for Tom to take to Uni so I started in about October, ratcheted up the pace over Christmas and have been going strong ever since:

I've just realised that it's virtually impossible to tell the scale from that picture but I guess it's about 1/5th done.  It's for a single bed but wide enough that it'll go over the sides by about 6" or so.

To date I have 259 squares done with some big ones thrown in for good measure:

so I reckon 170 more squares over the course of the Olympics will be a really good amount.

There is one small problem though - I went away this weekend - couldn't take it with me (I have a huge plastic tub of the various small balls) so only started last night.  8 square knitted.  I need to be hitting 10 per day and so far my average is 2.66 square per day.

More Effort Required!

In better news, knitting was spotted at the Olympics themselves:

This is  Antti Koskinen, a coach from Finland, spotted at the gate of the snowboard slopestyle finals (no, I've no idea what that means either) on Saturday.  The Finnish team are knitting a giant scarf to give to the team at the next summer games.  Apparently, the competitor was seen holding his ball of yarn at one point.

See - knitting and Olympics as one - how cool is that?!

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