Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Adriafil Alchimia

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Reviewing the blog I realised that there's been a lot of chat about walking but not much about knitting, so I'll do my best to rectify that now and in the coming days.   There has been knitting, of course, but photography has been "challenging" with all the horrendous weather we've been having - when the sun comes out grabbing my knitting and rushing out to photograph it hasn't been top of the agenda! 

My biggest, and ongoing, project of the moment is a University Blanket for Tom.  Having knitted a jacket:

double bedspread:

and blanket for Guy:

from the stash:

I'm now left with lots and lots of little balls so a domino square blanket seemed an excellent solution.  It is but, boy, does it take time and grow slowly!  It, therefore, has become my Ravellenic project for the Winter Olympics with the aim to knit X number of squares over the 17 day period.  The value of X has yet to be identified - 100? 150? 170? - I don't know but I do know that a decision needs to be made soon and a pre-Olympic photograph needs to be taken soon too .... watch this space.

Tracey has also been knitting and, along with a number of commissions for customers (yes, we do offer that service so long as the wool is bought from the shop, obviously) she knitted this gorgeous jumper in Adriafil's Alchimia:

Our version is in white and I'm not pulling it down at the front or looking quite so sultry as the Italian model:

Nevertheless, it's a really lovely jumper and very warm (which we all need at the moment).  Adriafil patterns can be a little "Italian" and a little "fluid" for English knitters so Tracey kindly "translated" it into a more "English" way of writing whilst she was knitting so you get our version along with the original when you buy the pattern!

Just to remind you - here are all the gorgeous Alchimia colours:

This sweater would make a perfect Winter Olympic project!

As I write the rain is LASHING down and the wind is HOWLING - we had a 3 hour power cut last night, trees are down, the roads are flooded, the Prom is Penzance is closed - seriously, how long can this go on for?  Despite everything that we are going through our thoughts are with the poor people of Somerset who have been flooded for over a month now - can you imagine? - it doesn't bear thinking about.....

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