Thursday, 13 February 2014

Alchimia Cowl (and Blanket Update)

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Whilst I should have been knitting on Tom's blanket last weekend I was, in fact, away in (wet) Somerset with friends and rattling up a very quick cowl in the lovely Alchimia.   I'm working on the theory that this yukky weather is here to stay for a while and, as I can't beat it, I can at least knit and design a warming, cosy cowl which can be whooshed over the head as a kind of hood when the hail suddenly thumps down (as it did here this morning - wish I'd had my camera - hail stones the size of Maltesers).

The Cowl is based on one I knitted a few years ago in chunky yarn but Alchimia is Super Chunky so even quicker - on big 9mm needles.  It can be worn 5 ways:

1: Cosy round your neck:

2: Pulled up more around your neck for when the wind is really howling:

3: Elegantly over your shoulders as a small cape:

4: Elegantly over your shoulders Mark 2 with the top pulled up:

5: Whooshed up over your head when the hail comes lashing down:

I think it's a really useful little thing so we've put it together as a little kit of 4 balls and the pattern is FREE!

9mm needles, a couple of evenings and, bingo, one very useful cowl.

I've put the cowl kits in their own section on our site - in "Adriafil" under "Alchimia" you'll find "Alchimia Cowl Kits" and all the colours displayed.  Buy now whilst the weather still warrants it!!

Blanket update is a bit of a disaster :{ - we went to the cinema last night (American Hustle - very good but I had a headache [less than ideal] so really need to see it again to work out what actually happened!) so I didn't knit a single square - not one, nada, niet.  This is not good.

As at the end of day 6 of the Olympics:

0 more squares knitted

25 squares in total

Average per day: 4.17

I can see my dream of 170 squares blowing away with the 70mph winds!

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