Monday, 3 February 2014

Birthday Weekend For Me!

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A couple of weekends ago it was my birthday and, as it fell on a Saturday, Tracie kindly agreed to work the afternoon so I could have the day off.  Having a birthday just 2.5 weeks after Christmas has never been ideal - as a child I was always about to go back to school or (even worse) it was the first day of term and as I've got older it's the time when everyone has stopped drinking, started their diets and are skint.  My birthday also always seems to fall midweek - FB's is in mid April so is frequently over the Easter weekend so it's always associated with a long weekend off and, very often, the first barbecue of the year.  I'm usually working so it's never been a time I look forward to with any great anticipation.  However, this year was different so, as ever with days off, we went walking. 

As luck would have it, the day was sunny and bright although it was a tad wet underfoot:

The winter colours were glorious, though:

Some crazy types were climbing - can you spot them?:

By the time we headed back the moon was up:

All in all it was a pretty perfect day!

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  1. Lovely looking at lovely wool and things then beautiful views of Cornwall, still looking for pre-kids hols walking holiday so hmmmm Cornwall... and there's family history with the Polkinghorn's (what a great name) so may see you at your shop, too... take care from a revived knitter and crocheter...Vesta