Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What We've Been Knitting

Knitwits Yarns

Owning a wool shop obviously means that I do a lot of knitting - mostly samples for the shop but they are, generally, knitted to my size - which is nice and means I get to wear them.  Although I do knit a lot I do have a lot of help!  Tracey is a whizz - fast, accurate and neat (even if she does sometimes ask me to do the sewing up!!).  This next project turned from a quick little bolero into something of a nightmare which we then resolved to ensure others don't have the same problem.  Little bolero from Adriafil:

which looks pretty straightforward - EXCEPT - the pattern is written in (badly) translated Italian which took the two of us some time to work out and more than once involved ripping back - which in a furry yarn is no fun at all.

SO - to ensure our customers didn't suffer the same fate as us, we re-wrote the pattern - in proper, easy to understand English and printed it on the back of the Italian/English version.  So, if you would like to knit this very pretty (and warm) little bolero it'll be an absolute cinch for you!  And you can thank us with every stitch that you knit!  Here is our version:

Also knitted up (by me) is this lovely lacey scarf in Galaxy Chunky (the one with the sequins):

this hat and wrist warmers in Stylecraft's Harlequin using fisherman's rib:

and this little cowl in Debbie Bliss's Angel Prints:

And now I'm knitting up another little summer top in the vain hope that the weather will get warmer sometime soon!

My next post will be about some new Cornish Organic Wool kits, which we've also been designing, knitting up and - finally - photographing.  Never let it be said that we have a dull moment or rest on our laurels!!

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