Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Kits from Cornish Organic Wool

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So - the first 4 new kits from Cornish Organic Wool are now knitted up, patterns written (and checked), photographed and kitted up here in the shop.  I love the creative and knitting process - the pattern writing and checking and photography not so much!  These kits are to celebrate our new 50g balls of DK wool, dyed in a wonderful range of new colours too.

All of the new kits (along with our original sheep and teddy bear kits) can be found here.

Fortunately, for this project I had two willing and able sons to help with the modelling.  They have not been paid.  Some may call this child exploitation, I call it helping your parents put food on the table (and boy oh boy do they get through some food - yet remain thin as rails - oh, to be that age again {not that I was ever able to eat just what I wanted and not put on weight - I come from the "look at a cake and put on a pound school"}).

First up is our Cornish man's hat modelled by Tom:

"Cornish" because it is, of course, Cornish Organic Wool but also because it's the Cornish colours of black and white/cream.  Although there is some confusion as the Cornish also wear black and gold and Cornishware (as in the pottery) is blue and cream so there is, also, a blue and cream kit and - to be totally different - a navy and red kit.

Next we have a lady's hat, modelled by yours truly:

This, as you can see, is three colours and comes in an "autumn colour" version too (Copper, Dark Green and Lime Green) and a blue version (Duck Egg, Petrol and Sky).  Because it's in 3 colours there is enough wool left over to make this Feather and Fan Headband as well:

So, in fact, 2 garments for the price of 1!

To give you an idea of the Autumn Colours, we have also made a Man's Scarf using Copper, Dark Green, Lime Green and Ochre in the wonderful Linen Stitch (kindly modelled here by Guy):

and here's a close-up of Linen Stitch:

which I think is just the most amazing stitch and gives a really firm, manly fabric (even if it's a tad slow to knit!).  This kit is also available in an "Autumn Blues" colour palette - a combination of autumn colours with blues - Copper, Dark Green, Navy and Sky Blue.

Finally - to complete the set - we have, of course, a scarf for ladies:

This is knitted in a combination of pinks and blues and is, again, Feather and Fan with lovely long tassells.  This is also available in the autumn colours of Copper, Dark Green, Lime Green and Ochre.

All of our kits come with full instructions but without needles.

Next on my "to do" list are some wrist warmers - probably in red, possibly cabled.  Watch this space!

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