Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Patterns!!

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Two posts in as many days - this could be some kind of record.  As promised, I have spent a large part of today uploading new patterns to go with some of our new glorious yarns (and some to go with some of our older glorious yarns). 

To start, we had a bunch in Bamboo Cotton.  As I might have said before, this is one of our most popular yarns - in winter and summer - so we can never have too many patterns (although it is a standard DK so will knit to any DK patterns).  I won't show them all but one or two caught my eye to go into the "favourites" or "ooh, must knit that" category.  I think this is a very pretty summer sweater:

and Tracey is currently knitting me up this in bright, vibrant, cheery colours:

I think the colours on the pattern itself are gorgeous but we thought we'd play around for a different look.  Tracey has promised me she'll sew it up tonight (what fun with all those stripes!) so photography will take place just as soon as it's warm enough!

Then we had a bunch of new patterns in Galaxy DK (the one with sequins, remember?).  Some patterns are shown on a lady and some on a child but all the patterns are sized up for both.  It can be hard, sometimes, to imagine a garment shown on a child on an adult but Tracey has her eye on this one:

and I really, really like this one:

There's also a really simple scarf pattern, which has sizings for both Galaxy DK and Chunky.  The DK uses just 1 ball and the chunky uses 2.  It's shown being worn 6 different ways and with beads sewn on the ends too - clever - and inspirational:

Who couldn't use a scarf like that? - especially as we have another cold snap forecast.

Next we have some Galaxy Chunky patterns and, again, all patterns are sized from child to adult:

And, finally, we have 2 patterns in Riot Chunky (as with all King Cole patterns you actually get 2 patterns on each sheet so, in fact, it's 4 new patterns).  Unlike the others, these are just for girls:

When I put it like that it really doesn't seem like a lot of patterns but, trust me, it is - and there are more on each of the pages (patterns are shown down the left hand side of the yarn pages).

Tomorrow I have a "paperwork" day which will bring me unbridled joy but, with a fair wind, I may get some more patterns on here on Saturday.

Then, unbelievably, I have to go to Oxford for the second funeral/memorial service this week but, never fear, Marie and Tracey will take good care of you.  I credit my sanity throughout this ghastly period of our lives entirely to the fact that I knit - far healthier (and less fattening) than booze (or cake)!

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