Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New Yarns from Adriafil (and others)!

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Sincere apologies for radio/blog silence over the past month. 

Without going into too many distressing details, we've had a pretty torrid time and grief on a scale never before experienced by our boys, let alone us, has not left me inclined to blog about the wonders of yarn - although I think we'd all agree that knitting can be a restful, soothing rhythm when life goes off kilter in a searingly, shocking way. 

Our eldest boy has returned home (early) from his gap year and, whilst it's truly wonderful to have him back home, I only wish it had not had to be so and he could currently be enjoying the joys that Australia has to give - which is where he ought to be.  In time, as some kind of peace returns to our lives, he will re-launch his gap year in Asia and poor Tom will have to undertake some seriously grueling exams.  In the meantime, we are all trying to soothe ourselves into that kind of peace.  Our lives will never be the same but the one we have loved and lost will remain in our hearts for ever.

And so, finally, the new yarn that has been piling up in our office has been collated and photographed and - at last - uploaded onto the site.  There is a lot of it so I make no apology for brevity of words - let the pictures speak!  To brighten our lives we had a big and glorious delivery from Adriafil (wondrous Italian yarns of which one can never have too much).

We needed a pure wool Aran weight yarn - and now we have one.  Stella Alpina (and it's machine washable!):

We didn't need Margarita but, boy, did we want it!  Cotton, aran weight, which reminds me of glistening colours in the sand:

Strictly speaking, we didn't need new colours in our fabulously soft and luscious pure alpaca 4ply, Sierra Andina, either (but how could we resist adding these colours to one of our best selling yarns?):

And as for DK pure cotton - who could resist Poema?:

And, finally from Adriafil, one new glorious colour in our Egyptian cotton, Memphis - simply the best, crispest cotton you could ever want - how about this for a terracotta orange?:

From King Cole we had 5 delicious new colours in the always incredibly popular Bamboo Cotton:

(Do you know that we currently have 27 colours of Bamboo Cotton in stock?  It's one of our most popular yarns - even through long, wet, cold, dark winters!).

King Cole have also introduced 4 new, fabulous, striping colours of Galaxy DK (that's the one with sequins in it in case you don't know - if you don't know, where have you been and why haven't you knitted with it yet?!):

We have 2 new colours in Rico's Reflection:

and last, but by no means least, one new Zig Zag sock yarn colour:

Actually, that isn't all - we had a delivery in from Rico in Germany today and that wool has gone back to the office at home to be photographed in due course.

Many of these new yarns have patterns and poor old FB has scanned and formatted them today (no mean task) so the uploading of them will begin tomorrow.  I'll keep you updated and I'll do my best but, hey, if it's a choice between uploading a pattern and giving a strapping 19 year old lad a much needed hug - you know which way I'll be going ..............

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