Monday, 4 February 2013

Crazy Knitting

Knitwits Yarns

Photography has been delayed by some pretty dreadful weather down here (fortunately not the snow of "up-country" - more the rain and wind which we're tediously familiar with).  So FB and I grabbed a couple of minutes last week to catch up on a couple of recent projects.

We still have stocks of the very popular Triana and Triana Lux yarns so, whilst trawling Ravelry, I found an intriguing pattern for a shawl(ette) using this yarn.  There was a video on YouTube - I was hooked and HAD to knit one.  So I did!  How Karin worked out this way of knitting Triana I have absolutely no idea but it works!

and it ends up as a really very over-the-top but fun shawl:

I'm sort of thinking I might be a tiny bit too old for it but, what the heck, it's fun and frothy!

We also finally got my "Reflection" jumper out of the window so got it photographed too.  A really easy knit as the front and back are identical and we all need a bit of sparkle now and then!  (My head is chopped off as I was having a bad hair day!)

Finally, I have to show you my birthday present(s) from FB.  Having a birthday in early January is a real pain - no-one want to party, everyone is skint and everyone's on a diet.  I have learned to accept this over the years and I now celebrate big birthdays over the August bank holiday weekend - it works well!  This year is not a big one - just another year older but I did manage to point FB in the direction of a couple of websites I liked and he came up trumps.  Just look at these beauties:

Yes, my friends, those are genuine knitting needle earrings.  How cool are they?!!  I've hardly taken them off.  And the great thing is that only knitters know what they are - it's like a secret knitting code - non knitters just think I'm wearing non matching bits of metal in my ears.  They come in different colours too - be still my beating heart - only another 11 months to Christmas when I can ask for another pair!

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