Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Very Good Good Friday

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I need a certain amount of routine in my life in order to get everything done and Friday is paperwork day. Last Friday I broke all of my rules as the weather was gorgeous and, more importantly, the forecast for Bank Holiday Monday was atrocious so Monday could easily morph into paperwork day.

FB and I did the only decent thing, which was to go for a lovely, long walk. There was a bit of a breeze but the sun was out and spring was definitely in the air. We walked straight from our front door (one of the reasons we live where we do) and crossed Madron Carn:

before several miles of lane walking where we only saw one car all day but lots and lots of lovely spring flowers:

The aim was to do a big circle and end up back at the mineshaft you can see on the top of the very far hill, which is just about a mile above our house:

All was going swimmingly until FB made a drastic and, dare I say it, rudimentary schoolboy navigational error (he had the map out by 90 degrees). Instead of trundling along a lovely footpath (albeit not well signed) we ended up in this:

and it went on for really quite a long way:

See the farm in the middle distance here (in the middle of green fields)? Well - we started from there and got to where the picture was taken in a straight line.

Interspersed with elephant grass was gorse and FB was wearing shorts!:

Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining and we ended up at West Lanyon Quoit, which we'd never seen before:

It's quite big:

and is, obviously, very, very old indeed!

En route home we passed the better known Lanyon Quoit:

and then the always fantastic view over the bay as we dropped down to our house for a welcome hot bath (a good aid to thorn removal from legs) and a well-earned G&T.:

We chose our day well as T deteriorated over the weekend with post-French tonsillitis and it duly poured with rain and hail all day yesterday.

It was a very good Good Friday (even if I am still picking thorns out of my legs!).

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