Saturday, 21 April 2012

I'm Back!

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I actually haven't been away for the past 2 weeks (just the past 4 days) but Easter passed in a haze of visitors (always very welcome but also exhausting) and then FB's birthday (which was supposed to be "quiet" but ended up with a barbecue for 30 - HOW does that happen?) and the next day a quick trip to Bristol for our first 21st birthday party for many a year: you know how it goes - series of weddings (some preceded by engagement parties), then the christenings, possibly a couple of divorces and then, before you know it, the 21st birthday parties of children whose christenings you only celebrated last week.

I need a scientist to explain how the children have lived for 21 years but the adults have only lived for the blink of an eye - for the second time of asking, how does that happen?  This particular 21 year old looked like a model (seriously) and we were honoured to be some of the adults who were allowed to be invited (always a tricky one with "the young").  We were very good and didn't dance - mainly because we'd quite like to be invited to her brother's 21st in a couple of years and, let's face it, your parents' friends' dancing is never cool.

Less than 48 hours after that T and I were heading to bonnie Scotland for a visit to St Andrew's University.  We had a good time and T has fallen in love with both St Andrew's and the University which is good as it gives him a very good incentive to work very hard over the next 12 months!  Rather pathetically we took no photos as we were so concentrated on our mission and I was disheartened to see no wool shop in St Andrew's.  I find this slightly bizarre as you'd have thought there'd be plenty of scope for students' knitting groups and, beyond the student life, there must be plenty of golf widows.  I also managed a pathetically small amount of knitting.  I'd debated knitting on the plane but thought that was just too cruel - travelling with your Mother is bad enough for a 17 year old, travelling with a mother reading a book is just about acceptable (so long as she never speaks), travelling with a knitting mother would be excruciating and - whilst I wholeheartedly prescribe to the "the only point of having children is to embarrass them as much as your parents embarrassed you" theory of teenage rearing - even I let him off the knitting mother scenario.

Tomorrow I have a cardigan to finish in the peace and quiet of my own home, whilst trying to spot my friend Caroline running the London Marathon in aid of the Royal British Legion.  Go Caroline!

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