Monday, 23 April 2012

New Stuff!

Knitwits Yarns

Just before I disappeared off to bonnie Scotland last week we had some new colours of various yarns arrive and FB had time to photograph them whilst I was away.  They're a fairly random collection but, anyway, here they are:

Firstly, 2 new colours in Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino.  Despite Baby Cash (as we always refer to it) being its own weight and neither a 4ply or DK it is, consistently, Debbie's best selling yarn.  If you haven't tried it yet - you need to!  2 new colours (shades 33 and 54):

Secondly, 2 new colours in King Cole's Galaxy.  This - I have been told - was King Cole's best selling yarn last year and, frankly, I'm not surprised - who can resist some sequins in their knitting?  2 new colours (lilac and pink):

Thirdly, 3 new colours in King Cole's sock yarn Zig Zag.  Finally we have plain black (for all those boring men out there who won't wear colours [oh, yes - they do exist!]) plus 2 new multis - Jubilee and Surprise.  From left to right: Jubilee (red, white and blue), black and Surprise:

Fourthly, no less than 4 new colours in King Cole's Riot Chunky, from left to right Cool, Potash, Lava and Wicked

And - finally - Fifthly, 2 new colours in Riot DK, from left to right, Crush and Fab.

There are some patterns to follow but - as ever, all the DK's are standard, as is the 4ply and Chunky.  Patterns may be here tomorrow - I'll see how I go!

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