Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wet Weekend

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As predicted the weekend in the tent was wet and, more worryingly very windy. Our slightly ancient tent struggled manfully but ended up with a couple of tears which, thankfully, didn't develop into anything major. (Nothing that good 'ol duck tape couldn't handle at least.)

I knitted on a sock on the way up in the car but didn't knit another stitch until we got home. We barbecued (in the rain), drank (some more than others), talked and laughed (a lot). A great weekend despite everything the weather could throw at us.

And, oh yes, FB dislocated a finger at 3.30 on Saturday morning when he crashed back into the tent after a call of nature. Minor panic as to where the nearest A&E department was/is but, thankfully, he relocated it himself. It's now a lovely shade of blue and yellow!

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