Monday, 25 July 2011

Stashbusting and Crocheting

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Suddenly realised towards the end of last week that, although there's been a lot of knitting happening here, there haven't been many photos so today we took a load which will be upcoming over the next few days.

Firstly we had stashbusting. Remember my stash?:

Remember the start of the stashbusting jacket?:

Well - here it is complete:

I absolutely love it and have worn it frequently to much admiration. There is only one problem with it .................. it made hardly a dent into the stash.

Clearly, a major project was/is the only solution and the only really major project I could think of was/is a bedspread for our king size bed. I did much research, I debated crochet vs knitting, I even printed off a number of patterns and swatched. But nothing was quite right until I saw this:
a ripple blanket from attic24. Lucy gives the most brilliant tuition so even I - the crochet virgin - could tackle (and, dare I say it, master this pattern).

For yes, people, this is my first ever crochet item apart from edgings on knitting commissions we've undertaken. I thought I'd start small so a bedspread for a king size bed made total sense. So far, we have this:

It may not be the most perfect crochet in the world but I'm inordinately proud of it and, even better, I'm really enjoying it and - critically - it's eating up the stash!

Crochet fans have always told me how great crochet is as you can pull out wrong sections really easily (true), there's only one stitch to worry about (true) and it rattles along at a great rate (true). I'm not saying I'm never going to knit again but, for now, I'm enjoying my crochet - which is good as I've got one heck of a long way to go!

Having started on my project I was then sent this:

This was knitted by a lovely customer of ours out of Cornish Organic Wool. How gorgeous is that?!!! It got me salivating but, for now, I shall remain true to my crochet but - really - how gorgeous is that?!!!!

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