Thursday, 28 July 2011

Finished Things - More!

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Last night we went to watch and support G in a cycle race. During the hanging around (which there always is on these kind of events), I knitted. He partook of his passion, I partook of mine. I didn't finish anything but that doesn't mean there aren't finished things to show you:

Tie front bolero in Angel by Debbie Bliss:

This pattern came from Debbie's incredibly popular spring/summer magazine. We (and I think everyone else) has now sold out of this magazine but I'm pleased to say the Angel patterns from it are being reproduced in a book for this autumn/winter. We will be stocking the book as soon as it's available so you will be able to get hold of this pattern!

Tracey knitted this for me in Brushstrokes DK. It's a simple pattern and easy to wear and incredibly warm - absolutely ideal for cold winter days. Need I say more?!

A Superchunky waistcoat in Life:

Although this pattern is designed for children, the biggest size is - as you can see - big enough for a small adult! It was quick to knit (being Superchunky) but the edging seemed to go on and on for ever! It's really warm and the garter stitch waistband is super-flattering!

A tunic from King Cole in Mirage:

This is Tracey's tunic and this style doesn't suit me at all so I'm not really sure why I'm wearing it (and I think my face says that as well!) - however Tracey loves it and it looks great on her so don't be put off by me! It's straightforward to knit and is incredibly warm.

James' Brett's Monsoon to a Rustic pattern:

This - on the other hand - is right up my alleyway - this is a Rustic Aran pattern (JB043):

knitted in Monsoon (S4):

Doesn't it look great?:

and finished off with one Cornish Pewter Heart button:

Finally, we have a Riot sweater:

tres chic - although I wish I had slightly browner shoulders!

Believe it or not, we have 2 more garments to show you but they're currently adorning our mannequins in the shop so you'll have to hold on and wait for them.

Tomorrow night we are going camping (again) so prepare for howling gales, lashing rain, plague and pestilence ..............

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