Tuesday, 5 July 2011


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We had one baby chick born this weekend and Mum is being very coy about showing it to us so you'll have to wait for pics. Have a horrible feeling the other eggs aren't going to hatch - more biology lessons, possibly. Apparently it's been a bad year for chicks - not sure why - weather possibly?

We were glad for glorious weather on Saturday as we dolled ourselves up and went to a wedding (it's OK we'd been invited, we didn't gatecrash). When we make the effort, we brush up OK:

FB was worried he'd look like an idiot in his Panama but, trust me, after a couple of hours in the sun all the men wished they had one!

It was a very, very happy day:

This was the view from the marquee (that's Drift Reservoir):

and, as befits dairy farmers, there was a sirloin of beef for every table (which was melt-in-the-mouth delicious):

and a cow cake!:

What a perfect day!

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