Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Season, New Knitters, New Patterns

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The beady eyed amongst you might have noticed a new "Workshops" button on the front page of the site - right next to the "Blog" button. As a result of many requests, we've decided to launch a series of Learn To Knit lessons and other workshops that may be of interest. As I think I've mentioned before, Learn To Knit lessons start on October 7th and Tracey and I are currently working out what other lessons may be of interest to our customers. If anyone has anything in particular they'd like us to cover, then please get in touch - either via the blog or by email to julia@knitwitspenzance.co.uk or on the good old phone - (01736) 367069.

For us knitters (and, indeed, parents) if often feels like September is the real "New Year" to us - the time when children move up a class at school and the re-start of the knitting season (for those, unlike me, who stop knitting for the summer - why?!!!); so it seemed like the right time to start classes and workshops.

It's also the time when loads of new yarns and new patterns come in - as you may have noticed - and, to that end, I have new patterns in the phenomenally popular Marble Chunky range. And there are some patterns for children (only girls, I'm afraid):

and for their mums:

I've also inputted all the Debbie Bliss Andes patterns. I can't decide what to knit but am very tempted by this:

As always - so many projects, so little time!

The good news is that eldest son (G) has told me that "all the girls are wearing knitwear in College - it's really trendy" - at last people - we are on trend and what we've all known all along is now known by the youngsters - knitwear is "cool"!!

So - I am ......................... (drumroll here, please) ........................ knitting a sweater for G!! Yes, 17 years old and he' requested a hand knit sweater, not too hot (college is boiling), not too expensive (in case he loses it), blue (but not all over blue as he'd then just look "blue" with jeans on as well) and nice and soft (obviously). FB couldn't quite believe the time it took to come up with the perfect combination (now he knows why some customers spend over an hour in here) but we came up with Bamboo Cotton in this colour:

with occasional stripes in this:

to break up the blue. I'm loving knitting it - my bog standard DK, round neck sweater with raglan sleeves pattern. Watch this space for G modelling it in about a month's time (it was a condition to me knitting it and he's agreed!).

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  1. Hello, Julia! I'm coming to your Learn to Knit classes next month - haven't paid yet but the nice woman on the phone told me to come along with my cheque and all would be well. Hope that's OK! Anyway, I was just wondering if you'll be offering intermediate (or "not-quite-beginners") classes after we've completed our first 6 weeks? Thanks!