Monday, 13 September 2010

Land's End

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In an attempt to quell the Sunday afternoon lethargy in front of the goggle box, FB and I have started a regime of weekend walks. We live in such a beautiful part of the country but, like many people, never see things in our local area. Yesterday dawned sunny and hot and we had to do some promotional photos at Land's End for the End 2 End Sweater so we decided to drive there and then walk along the coastal path. Promotional pics went OK but I always feels like such a lemon standing there with tourists walking past:

The sweater just laid back and took it all in its stride, photoshoots are par for the course now:

We then walked west along the southern coast to Nanjizal and it was simply stunning:

The building on the cliff here is the Land's End complex:

Round the corner to Nanjizel cove:

Cornwall at its most beautiful. Reminds me why I chose to live here!

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  1. My last post looks remarkably the E2E sweater! We walked from Cot Valley towards Sennen Cove yesterday - wasn't the weather just GORGEOUS. We moved here just over a year ago - and have never looked back! LOVE IT - what a day to pack a picnic and just head out!
    Take Care