Thursday, 2 September 2010


Knitwits Yarns

We've had an amazing delivery from Adriafil today - lots of boxes of lovely goodies - sometimes my job is like the best Christmas Day you could imagine! I've updated the stock for Knitcol, Duo Plus, Baba and New Zealand Stampato and I've got some really, really gorgeous things to add to the site, including the softest 4ply alpaca imaginable. Watch this space. Balls have already gone home with FB for photography.

For those of you deeply concerned about Deidre -

we have persisted (with much angst and swearing), his ears are smelling much better, he sees the brown blanket now and tries to run a mile (he forgets, though, that we're a tiny bit smarter than him and close all doors and windows prior to producing said brown blanket), the house is trashed, my cuts are healing and the vet wants to see him again tomorrow. £53 last time. FB and I are still debating whether a re-visit is necessary. I'll let you know.

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