Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More Lovely New Yarns

Knitwits Yarns

Phew - what a day I've had! The weather has been truly ghastly (spot on forecast for once) so we've been really busy and I've been manically inputting lovely new things on to the site.

Firstly, we have the wonderful new scarf yarn Can Can from Rico. One ball (200g) knits up this glorious scarf, the pattern is on the ball band (8mm needles) and it only costs £9.95 - perfect for Christmas present knitting:

It comes in a huge range of colours - some plain (as per this picture) and some multi-coloured - all gorgeous. Start your Christmas knitting now!

Next we have the wonderful Riot DK yarn from King Cole. This has been absolutely flying out of the shop and, as it has a fantastic meterage and an amazing range of colours, it's guaranteed to be a sure fire winner for everyone - check out these colours:

How can you resist those?!!

Next (and finally, you'll be pleased to hear if you find it hard to resist things like I do) we have another wonderful yarn from King Cole called Haze. Haze is 100% brushed acrylic but is so soft it feels like it must have mohair or angora in it and it's so light it's won us over completely (and I'm not usually an acrylic kind of girl!). The colours are great:

Patterns for all of these will follow over the next couple of days but Riot and Haze are both standard DK's so - if you've got a pattern you've been dying to do but haven't found the right yarn yet - either of these could be the answer to your prayers.

At home we've had the anxious wait for the GCSE results but we needn't have worried - both boys did very well indeed (T took his French one year early) and G is now guaranteed his place at VIth form college to study the IB so - huge relief all round and we now move on to the next stage. Still not entirely sure where all the years have gone though.

I've managed to get back into the routine of cycling into work but today could have been a filthy November day so FB gave me a lift. I'm also back to my winter boots and trousers and am really praying that this isn't the end of summer - surely, it can't be? The nights are definitely drawing in though so it's back to evening knitting in front of the fire m'dears.

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  1. Riot looks good :-)

    Yeah, the weather is a bit... Same here upcountry. At least it gives you an excuse to play with wool. Oh. Hang on. You already have the perfect excuse with your job ;-)