Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back in The Loop (Sort of)

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Going away for 3 weeks out of 4 in a row seemed like an OK kind of idea at the time of booking but it's turned out to be insanely manic at times and I'm still not up to date even after working 5 hours on Sunday (which broke my 2010 New Year's resolution [not to work on Sundays] for the 2nd or 3rd time this year). The "In Tray" is definitely looking more empty (it's never totally empty, obviously) but there are still big jobs to do like type up the "End To End" sweater pattern and enrol the boys into the "End to End" club, which I think they definitely deserve.

We actually had a gentleman in the shop yesterday who is going to walk the End to End and want us to knit him THE sweater - yay! - result!

I also seem to have gone down with a horrible sinus/head virus which makes me feel like I'm in a parallel world to everyone else. I open my mouth and speak and then think to myself, "good lord, did that make any sense at all" and then I re-run what I said in my brain and, usually, think, "yes, that was OK". It's very bizarre but I had a customer in this afternoon who has the same thing so that re-assured me that I'm not going totally insane yet.

Today is something of a red letter day as I asked the boys to sort all their clean clothing in the baskets on the landing (I leave all their clean clothes as I never know whose is whose and some items seems to be pretty interchangeable between them) and, when FB left home to come down here THEY WERE SORTING THE CLOTHES. Teenagers - sorting clothes - hold the front page.

What with that and the head/sinus/virus thing, I'm having an early night!

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  1. Must be something in the air here today, Julia. Mr beest did washing up, cleaned the floor/carpet and tidied the bookshelves.

    Don't worry about the end-to-end jumper pattern just yet; I'm still up to my ears in a gansey for me and at the current rate (18 rows in 1 week!) I will be for a while. But good to hear the pattern is starting to travel along the grapevine :-)