Thursday, 12 August 2010

Autumn/Winter is Upon Us

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I'm back into the swing of work now and I regret to say that our travels seem like a far distant memory - not helped by the fact that the autumn/winter yarns are starting to arrive and I hardly feel like we've had any summer yet. I've gone straight from cotton summer top to super chunky waistcoat, which is more than a little alarming (and I haven't even worn the summer top yet!).

We had a huge delivery in from Stylecraft while we were away - 2 new "Nepp" colours in Life DK - blue and green - this is the green:

The Cornish used to be very superstitious of wearing green but it's still "on trend" and selling really well.

Also in the Life range there is a brand new Super Chunky - in 8 really good colours and with excellent pattern support. (Patterns should be on the site by Saturday but, in the meantime, here are a couple of the colours):

The first colour is called "Tarn" and is what I'm using for my waistcoat.

Finally, Stylecraft have brought out a brand new chunky yarn called "Phases" - it's 20% wool, very soft and is marled by also knits in bands. Again, patterns will be here by Saturday but here are a couple of colours to whet your appetite:

Very, very pretty - I can see this one being a real winner.

So - lots of people have been asking "what next" after the grand bike ride. At the moment we're undecided but I did have a visitor in the other day who is catching the ferry to Santander and then cycling home from there - sounds like fun apart from the small matter of the Pyrenees! We may just go back to the original idea of cycling the canal tow paths of France but I think G&T may not find that challenging enough. Any ideas? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!

In the meantime, G has entered a cycling time trial tonight - there's no stopping that boy!

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  1. Can you enlighten us about the Cornish superstition with wearing green? I'm only "adopted" Cornish so I've got no idea!

    Bike rides... Loads of people from Belgium go to France to do famous bits of the Tour, like Mont Ventoux and all that jazz.

    I'm in Cornwall the next few days, not sure if I can make it to the shop. If I do I'll drop by to say hi (unfortunately yarn buying is a no-no, moving house and increasing possessions is rarely a good idea...)