Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We've Been Away!! - Part 1!

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So the time finally came to take Guy to University - please will someone tell me where the last 20 years have gone?! - and we decided that we couldn't bear to just come straight home to an empty house so we went on to nearby Chester and then to Snowdonia for a week's walking.

I'd never been to Chester before and it is a truly beautiful city (and this from someone who isn't really a "city" person).  We stayed by the racecourse, which was so convenient and meant we could walk everywhere - in fact we didn't move the car for the whole time we were there.  First thing was a walk round the walls (about 2.5 miles apparently) to get our bearings.  The racecourse:

(there were races on the Saturday so they were preparing for the corporate entertainment!).  The castle:

The old bridge over the river (the weir is the point at which the river ceases to be tidal) - over the bridge takes you to Wales:

One of the lovely old backstreets (still with their old "outhouses") which reminded me of the opening credits for Coronation Street:

The Roman Gardens:

The wonderful shopping streets with shops on two levels:

The beautiful walls themselves:

and the fabulous Cathedral, whose interior blew our minds:

The incredible angel choir, with its amazing carvings:

and extraordinary floor - inspiration for a knitting pattern methinks .........:

and incredible ceiling:

and this is for my brother - whose full name is Richard Ambrose - how extraordinary to find two saints windows so named next to each other in the cloisters:

After three happy days, we moved on to Snowdon - of which more tomorrow .....

PS: Now that we are home alone a deux and feeling decidedly middle aged, FB and I play the "You Know You're Middle Aged When ........" game.  When you go to Chester you know you're middle aged when one of the shops you really want to visit is Lakeland (as in the kitchen appliances, not the clothes!).  Yes, we found it and yes, we bought things!

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