Friday, 18 October 2013

Debbie Bliss Milano

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We have been holding back from launching this fabulous new yarn from Debbie Bliss until we had all the colours in stock.  Deliveries have been haphazard - to say the least - but it is all now in stock, on display in the shop and online - hoorah!

Milano is an Aran weight yarn with a slightly tweedy, textured feel which knits into a firm fabric - perfect for structured garments and jackets and coats.  Due to the vagaries of the deliveries I have had time to knit a jacket and we were also given a sample garment so we've got two samples in two different colours to help customers with their choice of garment and colour!

There are 12 colours:

Here is a slightly more detailed picture of one of the colours so you can see the nubbly tweedy bits:

There is one pattern book:

and there are also 5 patterns in Debbie's latest magazine (Fall/Winter 2013):

so I have inputted all the patterns from the book and the magazine onto the site to help you choose!

Our sample garment from the book was the hour glass sweater:

in jade green:

Here I am wearing it:

but the jacket I knitted was the gorgeous Peplum Jacket on the front of the magazine:

It's a really lovely fitted jacket and is very flattering to wear!  The pattern was well written and very easy to follow and the yarn softened and relaxed noticeably after blocking.  This is definitely going to be a firm favourite over the winter and it's incredibly warm as well, which is a bonus!

At £6.95 Milano is definitely not a cheap yarn to buy but you know what they say - you should knit with the most expensive yarn you can afford!  This is a lovely yarn to knit with and it produces a firm, textured fabric which feels very classy indeed and is a joy to wear - a great indulgence over the coming wet, cold, dreary months!

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