Monday, 23 September 2013

Adriafil Accessories

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After the most glorious summer the weather has suddenly turned decidedly chillier and the nights are definitely drawing in so the time has come to think about winter accessories and (dare I say it) Christmas presents.  To this end, I have been busily knitting little one and two ball projects suitable for keeping us warm in the coming months and also suitable for quick, easy, easy on the pocket gifts.

I've made all of this batch from yarns made by Adriafil - wonderfully different, slightly luxurious yarns from Italy.  First we have a pair of wrist warmers knitted from just one ball of Cristallo:

I weighed the ball and then split it into two halves and knitted the two pieces at the same time to ensure they're exactly the same length!  One pair of wrist warmers for just £5.55 - easy!

Next I knitted a fur-edged hat using Furetto for the edging and Stylecraft Life Chunky for the body of the hat:

One ball of Furetto and one ball of Life Chunky is just £9.34 and, in fact, there's enough chunky left over to make two hats so for just £15.33 you could have two fur edged hats.

Tucked in there you can also see a Furetto scarf:

Just two balls of Furetto, 9mm needles, 15 sts and - voila - warm, cosy scarf for just £11.98.

Then I made a slight eccentric (but very warm) cowl from just one ball of Dakota:

this is dead easy and good fun - and one ball of Dakota is just £6.99.  Shown with the Cowl is a hat made from Vesuvio - this is designed by Adriafil and takes just 3 balls - very thick yarn so it's really, really warm!

All of these patterns (except the Vesuvio hat) are my own designs so the patterns are FREE when you buy the yarn!

Hopefully this will give everyone inspiration for this Christmas and, if you're in Penzance in the next two weeks, all of these are currently on display in our window!

I include this picture just because FB likes it!

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