Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Yarns From Adriafil!

Knitwits Yarns

It's always busy at this time of year with new yarns arriving almost daily for the start of the autumn/winter season and this year, happily, the weather has co-operated and there's definitely an autumnal chill in the evenings.  Our latest delivery came in a pile of boxes from Italy - which are always great fun to open and coo over!

This year we have 3 new yarns to spoil ourselves with.  The first is Alchimia - a multi-coloured Super Chunky which has the same tension as Stylecraft's Life Super Chunky and Astrakhan so can be knitted to their patterns too - result!  The colours are gorgeous:

and there are two patterns in the yarn itself as well.  This fab, cosy, comfy winter sweater:

and this equally lovely cosy waistcoat:

Our second yarn is the superchunky Vesuvio - presumably so called because of the flashes of flame colour which run throughout:

This yarn comes with 3 cosy, winter patterns - a hat and snood/shoulder warmer:

and for a really dramatic look - an amazing poncho:

Finally, we have Cristallo - which is a glitzy, glamorous Aran weight yarn:

with one knitted sweater pattern:

and one amazing crochet jacket:

Sadly I'm really not sure that my crocheting is up to that, although it is one of the nicest crochet patterns I've seen around for a while.

Coming soon is the new Milano from Debbie Bliss and I will update you on some recently completed projects - I just need a day where some free time and dry weather coincide - don't hold your breath - free time is harder to find than dry weather, especially when you have a son off to University and 200 name tapes which need sewing in (his first year in Halls comes with inclusive laundry service - which is great - but he keeps on buying new clothes and, for the record, I really, really, really hate sewing name tapes into socks!).

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