Monday, 23 July 2012

Woolly Wales

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Last week we spent a happy week in Wales - our last family holiday for a while as G has just had his IB results and got into his first choice Uni (hoorah!) and is now off on a gap year, leaving us for a whole year!!  He'll be working in New Zealand for the first six months - initially on a dairy farm but he then may spend some time with sheep - which makes me very happy!

We did a lot of sleeping (which we all, clearly, needed), a lot of eating and drinking (like all good holidaymakers) and a fair bit of walking.

On one of the walks I was fascinated to see this wool on a wire fence:

It looks like the sheep really cuddle up to this fence as the wool is almost felted!

The best weather forecast was for Thursday so we managed a pretty hefty yomp up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons.  I haven't walked this route for years but it hasn't changed much (!) - except that the paths have been made up with stones and rocks to try and prevent them getting wider and wider and forming a huge scar up the side of the mountains.  We started by walking up the remains of a Roman road - gosh, those Romans got everywhere:

We then headed up - and down:

and up again:

to the top:
we completed the horseshoe to get back to the car, past these reservoirs:

with a very full weir at the bottom and a final glimpse of Pen Y Fan:

Much as I love walking in Cornwall I really do love the mountains of Wales!

Give me a couple of days and I'll tell you about my holiday knitting!

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  1. Oh i'm so jealous, we haven't been to Wales for years.