Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ravellenic Games Update

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I stayed up and watched the whole of the Opening Ceremony on Friday night and I have to say that I thought it was fantastic!  I couldn't help wondering what people in other, far distant nations were making of it but just hoped their TV commentators had notes on what was going on - judging from comments on Ravelry this was, indeed, the case - although the American viewers were highly critical of their commentators who, apparently, talked over a lot of what was going on!  Bean and Bond were brilliant - as was the construction of the flame and the entire ethos of getting young upcoming athletes to light it - what a moment for them!

I waited, wound off ball of yarn and needles next to me:

for the flame and then I was so overwhelmed I forgot to cast on for a while!  I did manage a few rows that night, though:

and, somewhat to my amazement, it's all going OK!  I was here in the shop on Saturday afternoon and I had a whack of work to do on Sunday (breaking all my rules about Sunday working but that's often the case after a week off!) and I still seem to have managed quite a lot:

FB took that this morning and I've just realised that it's the wrong side facing but maybe that's no bad thing - it'll keep the surprise until it's done!

Now that I'm looking at it, I'm not sure quite how and when I managed that much knitting but - there it is!  The "curved" edge is, in fact, the straight edge of the triangle so I'm working around the two long sides to the point (if you see what I mean).  Despite my early anxieties, the pattern is really easy to follow and really easy to tell if you've made a mistake (which is very helpful!).

Onward and upwards to the Podium!!

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