Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cotton Yarn Overview

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Well - somewhat unbelievably - here I am and here is our new cotton yarn (to be followed by a brief overview of all cotton yarns here at Knit Wits so you can prepare yourselves for summer which, surely, must be on its way?).

Our new pure cotton yarn is from King Cole and is called Cottonsoft and is - as the name suggests - really amazingly soft.  It also comes in a soft colour palette:

and comes with 12 accompanying patterns (6 pattern sheets - King Cole, very generously, always give you 2 patterns per sheet).  Furthermore, 2 of these pattern are CROCHETED - for all of you who are struggling to find crochet patterns.  Here is a selection:


So - for those of you looking for cotton yarns for your summer knits, here is a brief overview of cotton at Knit Wits.  As well as King Cole's Cottonsoft in pure cotton we have Adriafil's Memphis, pure Egyptian cotton - this is slightly mercerised and comes in a wide range of bright colours:

and we have Katia's Degrade and Degrade Sun, whose colours fade up and down:

Next we have the continuously, amazingly popular Bamboo Cotton from King Cole which is (as the name suggests) a 50/50 blend of Cotton and Bamboo (yes, really, bamboo as in the plant).  This yarn combination gives a really lovely soft drape to any garment and is popular for babies, children and adults.  It comes in plain colours:

and Prints:

Next we have Rico's Cotton Soft which is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and, again, it comes in plain colours:

and prints:

and - finally we have Adriafil's Duo Plus, which is a cotton/wool blend (which you might think is a slightly odd combination but, in fact, it gives a lovely warm feel and drape) and it comes in lovely mixed colours:

So - there you have it - cotton at Knit Wits - don't say I don't spoil you!

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