Friday, 11 May 2012

I AM still here and AM still knitting!

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Here in Hopson family land we are in the throes of G's final IB exams and whilst, in theory, this shouldn't affect us all - it does!  Our entire aim seems to be to keep life, the house, the animals and even the washing as calm and quiet and serene as we can in order that poor G can concentrate on nothing except his ghastly exams.  On the surface all is calm, underneath we're all paddling like fury to give the impression that all is calm!

Fling into this melee the need for a radical website overhaul (all the behind-the-scenes "gubbins" - nothing will be noticeable to any of you [unless you're my bank manager, in which case you'll see a dip in finances as the website people get paid] - thanks Post Office for increasing your charges without a care in the world for all website owners), the annual End-Of-Year Accounts saga and howling gales and lashing rain bad enough to send even the most stalwart to the travel agent for some sun and you can see how life has been here in wet, cold, stressed Cornwall!

But throughout it all I HAVE kept knitting - just haven't had any decent weather to photograph it.  A dear friend has had a baby so I knitted up a blanket for her using some odds and ends and liked the result so much that I'm now transferring it to a "proper" pattern - for which I need to knit up another blanket to double-check quantities etc!  I am also finishing off socks for a present, knitting jubilee bunting for the shop and, although I did finally finish the Jenny Watson Pure Merino, it's now in the window and hasn't been photographed yet - although many of you will have seen it (it's gorgeous!).

FB and I managed one small (4 mile) walk last weekend but forgot the camera!  Actually - we were only going to the local shop but we took a very pretty scenic route and the bluebells were absolutely stunning.

The forecast for Sunday is good so, maybe, pics next week!  And G now has a whole week to revise for his final exams, which end on Tuesday week - phew!

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