Monday, 28 November 2011

You Know It's Been a Busy Day When....

Knitwits Yarns

..... FB has to take the post in a sack (and the sack is full);

it gets to 4 o'clock and you think, "mmmm - lunch time"

Yesterday we made the most of the good weather and photographed a few garments which have been in the "to do" list for some time.

Remember the disastrous start to my Noro 4ply sweater (knitted [and pulled back] in France)? Well it finally got finished a few weeks ago, has been in the window and is now available for all to see:

I really love it! I love the colours and I love the shape and I love the 2 combined. I did work hard to get the colours on the front shoulders and the sleeves to match (call me anal if you like - many do) but I think it works and I'm very pleased with it (especially after its inauspicious start).

Some time ago I also knitted up some Noro socks and we'd feared that the colourway was discontinued; however, it's back and back in stock - shade 188 - hoorah!:

(and, yes, the socks match - sorry!). Actually a first for me in sock knitting as most of my pairs are knitted "as they come". These "came" in a pair!

Finally, Tracey rattled up an Icelandic knit in our new Lopi yarn - really yummy and perfect for our current cold snap:

Tomorrow - all being well - another new design of ours - never let it be said there's a dull moment here at Knit Wits!

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