Saturday, 5 November 2011

Last of the New Lovelies - For Now!

Knitwits Yarns

Another brief post to highlight more new lovelies in stock. The very popular yarn, Haze, has now been joined by Haze Glitter which - as the name suggests - is the same yarn but with glitter added. This is Haze:

and this is Haze Glitter:

One of the amazing things about this yarn is its yardage, so we knitted this:

in just 3 balls.

Final new yarn is "Garland" - a chenille yarn, with glitter - perfect for scarves. 1 ball makes 1 scarf - ideal - it's been flying out - guess people are frantically knitting for Christmas!:

Tonight we're going out with friends and tomorrow I'm manically knitting sample swatches for an Ethical Fashion Exhibition in London - the bad news is they're late - the good news is they're all from Cornish Organic so are lovely (and quick) to knit. Eldest son has to watch the DVD of The Tempest for English so I loyally said I'd watch it with him - life ain't all bad!

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