Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Stash

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Some time ago (like about a year ago, or more) I talked about the size of my stash and the need to do something with it and the pattern for a stash busting jacket that I'd been given. Finally, finally this weekend I got the stash out and sorted it. It was a lovely sunny day so I put a sheet on the lawn. This, people, is my stash:

I sorted it into colours:

and I ended up with a pile in the middle of multi-colours:

and it was from this pile that FB said I should choose my yarns for the first jacket. By a happy coincidence, therefore, this pile includes quite a lot of Noro, Mirasol and Colinette yarns as well as some sari silk and other lovelies so knitting this jacket is going to be pure joy. I needed about 1200g so I weighed off a lovely selection:

Eric the 3-legged cat thoroughly approved and gave them a stroke. (Fortunately Eric isn't a cat who is interested in balls of wool - good thing as we have it drying round the house the whole time.)

The chickens also lent their support but weren't as involved as Eric:

That's Bernard with some of his girls. Ginger is on the left - she wasn't interested in her eggs so we let her go back with the others. Bernard is a very fine young man:

I've started the first sleeve - it's delicious. I'll post the progress as I go.

I think I can feel a bedspread coming on!

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