Saturday, 18 June 2011

Miscellaneous Saturday

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The GCSE's are finally over - yippeeeee! T gives very little away about how they went so I guess we'll have to wait until August to find out. How lovely it would be to be one of the few lucky parents who are sure of straight A's!!

We bought 5 new chickens this week - good 'ol bog standard layers. They are so tame and un-frightened of people it's really very sweet. 2 wandered into the house the other night and G picked one up and put her on the perch to show her what to do. Aaaaagh!

Bad news - Mr Fox arrived this afternoon and has taken off at least one chicken. Not sure which one but he was seen with one in his mouth. G is currently strimming the whole field to get rid of hiding places. T is strategically placed with a gun. For anyone reading this who likes foxes, I apologise but - trust me - as soon as you have chickens foxes are the enemy and as soon as a fox has taken one he'll be back for more.

One chicken (not Ginger) is sitting on 8 eggs. She was shaken but unstirred by Mr Fox's arrival. We're now relying on her for replacements.

The stashbusting jacket is progressing:

We are taking the boys out for a celebratory all-you-can-eat-Chinese tonight but can't leave, of course, until all chickens are safely in their house. At the moment they're too scared to go near it. All being well, Mr Fox's days are numbered.

Tomorrow I shall be mostly knitting.

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  1. Your idea for using up all your stashed away wool has inspired me to use my stash too - not that I am making anything as interesting as your jacket! I am making a multi-striped blanket and will decide what to do with it if, or when, it is finished!