Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ginger (pronounced jeangee)

Knitwits Yarns

Ginger seems to be settling - I consulted our friend Google last night and, apparently, this can take 2-3 days. Therein lies a dilemma - we've put some eggs under her (from the other hens) - do we leave them and hope that her intermittent sitting of the past 24 hours is enough or do we, once she's really sitting properly, replace them all again? Decisions, decisions.

Last night I cracked 13 of the 17 she'd been sitting on. Not one would have made a baby - they were fertilised OK but, with her abandoning them every night, nothing had progressed. We turned them into a delicious omlette with bacon, fried potatoes, green beans, peas and cheese. Thanks, Ginger.

In other avian news the eggs in the M-in-L's letter box have hatched. They are blue tits. Very pleased to see some wool in the fantastically constructed nest:

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