Sunday, 29 November 2009

Wool Shop Question of the Week

Knitwits Yarns

At some time or other my guess is that most of us have bought a pattern (or pattern book), gaily started knitting and then realised there's a mistake in the pattern. Do you:

1) curse a little, fiddle around and try and work out the pattern yourself;

2) curse rather a lot and come back to your LYS and try and work out the pattern with the shop staff;

3) curse rather a lot, attempt to fix with shop staff, all admit defeat and then refer to the pattern supplier;

or 4) phone your LYS (in this case Knit Wits) very angry, accuse the shop of selling "faulty goods" and demand compensation. Then come into the shop, work out the pattern, complete the garment but still demand compensation. LYS owner (in this case, me) phones the designer (who confirms correction to pattern). Designer then phones publisher of book which printed the pattern and publisher sends a different knitting book (worth £20) as compensation and promises free copy of second edition of original book (worth £13), due for re-printing soon. Then write to LYS accusing shop of selling "faulty goods" under various Consumer Acts and threaten Trading Standards.

Answers on a postcard please.

PS: Customer didn't even buy wool from LYS but from local "cheap" shop selling "cheap" wool.

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  1. Oh heck, of course I'd go for number 4, you know that! Ooh all the entertainment! ;-)

    Now on a serious note: erm... is this the kind of person who'd sue a newsagent for selling newspapers? Because let's face it, those are not just full of mistakes but outright lies!

    I hope the Trading Standards agency has some common sense (and a knitting expert)