Saturday, 7 November 2009

One Week After The Flu

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I have now almost entirely lost my voice. For some in our household (FB, G & T) this is a reason for much celebration. For me, who is known to chat a lot and whose job - to a certain degree - relies on talking to people on the telephone, it's a source of irritation but, sometimes, relief. I can't possibly talk to cold calling double glazing sales people and I certainly can't argue with FB or the children about where their rugby socks are (half an hour before kick off) or whose turn it is to clean out the cat litter tray (definitely not mine) and why they have to do GCSE revision (because that's the way life is).

Talking to customers is entertaining as I don't know what the tiny little bit of voice I have is going to sound like - if you phone up you may - if you're lucky - get Marie or Tracey - they're the ones who sound normal. If you get a deep, husky croak or - alternately - a high pitched squeak - that'll be me.

I have, therefore, spent most of the afternoon quietly inputting on the website various items for your delight and delectation:

new colours in both Life Aran and Chunky -

Fuschia is proving to be particularly popular in DK, Aran and Chunky.

Also in are new colours in the ever-popular Marble Chunky from James Brett.

From Baby Pinks to

popular blues and

greens - Marble Chunky is one of our best sellers.

We also have 3 new colours in Debbie Bliss's Aran weight "Fez" - an incredibly soft mix of merino wool and camel (yes, you did read that right):

Once again, I suspect the bright pinks are going to be a big hit.

We also have a new colour in our cotton range from Katia - "Samba":

We sell a lot of this on-line so I guess you guys find it hard to find elsewhere - we love Katia yarns so they'll keep on coming. In fact, we also have a new colour in their "Surprise" as well:

This, of course, is the colour used in their fab jacket:

Found - here.

Finally, we have a wonderful new yarn in from Tivoli. We haven't stocked this company before but I simply couldn't resist this new Aran weight 48% wool concoction "Blizzard"- the colours are simply gorgeous and the patterns are really cool - they should be on the site next week, flu etc allowing. How about this for gorgeousness:

or, indeed, this:

So, I hope this has given you inspiration for the weekend - I am desperate to knit something with Blizzard but am being very good and finishing the Beaded Gorgeousness first - nearly there, honest.

Home now to soluble asprin gargling (as recommended by a friend) - I'll let you know if it works.

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  1. Yes, you do give me inspiration for the weekend, unfortunately I have two lectures that will not write themselves for Monday and Tuesday, and a whole wack of lovely Shetland wool to work my way through before I will even think about buying anything new. But the colours on that Blizzard are very very tempting...

    For lost voices and how to find them: sage tea may help (though be careful if you have high bloodpressure, don't go nuts with it then!)