Wednesday, 25 November 2009

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Dear Blog

It's been 18 days since my last confession - (sorry) - entry so where on earth have I been and what have I been up to? Lazing on a sunny beach? - ha! On my bed of pain? - fortunately, no.

Actually, I've been working on "something else" which cannot be discussed as yet but has been taking up hours and hours and days of my time - so, apologies one and all. It's to be hoped that normal service will now resume but I've discovered that I've lost the ability to type fast so some letter sar egettin gmudldled up. Which is irritating and is wasting my time - which is more irritating.

Marie and Tracey have been womanfully manning things and I think I've got the "heads up" on what's been coming and going.

I note that my last blog entry mentioned new colours in Marble Chunky and - hey - we had another delivery yesterday so I guess that just shows how quickly it shoots off our shelves. It's a really fantastic yarn and, maybe, who knows - one day I may find the time to knit something out of it for myself.

We had a new delivery in from Katia today - more Paillettes - which has been very popular for those pre-Christmas scarves and one more colour to add so watch this space.

I'm awaiting deliveries of Chakra and Sari Silk for thos essentila (see - my fingers are doing it again) - Christmas gifts or stocking fillers.

My shop front is nearly finisehd! (look - again - brain thinks, fingers don't compute and I used to be a champion speed typist I'll have you know) - We had a minor panic (possibly major for the builder) when the electricity mains had to be moved and he wasn't sure if the mains ran under the new shop front or the new door. Luckily for him, it ran right under our new door! The new Victorian-look tiles didn't "go off" when they should have done which caused a bit of a problem and the blind hasn't arrived, nor have the new window lights or the new door mat - but, you know, we're nearly there! And it's so much lighter and everyone says how smart it is so I'm really pleased - pics to follow soon.

I now have an hour to scan in a load of patterns while FB is helping to coach T's rugby team - they won on Sunday and he played fantastically - very proud Mum! G has GCSE mocks at the moment - grim.

I'll try and get new patterns on soon, pics of shop and I won't be so long between posts, honest. And I wasn't on a sunny beach - I really wasn't!

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  1. Oooh you're back! I had been wondering where you were, but I've been very busy myself. I'm really only doing this job for the money ;-)

    Hope all is well, please don't keep us in suspenders for too long about the secret project, and keep blogging!