Monday, 23 June 2014

Porthcurno to Land's End (and back!)

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We're almost at the point of taking this fantastic hot weather for granted but I hear it could be on the change so we couldn't waste a moment of it.

You may remember that, way back in March, we did "Will's Walk" but, at the end of Day 2, we'd taken the sensible precaution of leaving the coast path at Porthcurno and finishing the walk by road.  So, yesterday, in glorious sunshine, we decided to complete the final leg from Porthcurno to Land's End.  The last time we'd been at Porthcurno it was getting dark, it was cold and we'd been walking for 2 days so were feeling a little jaded.  Yesterday couldn't have been more different:

That is not a postcard (although it could be).  That is Porthcurno beach yesterday morning - does it ever get more perfect? - I think not.  We walked on and caught another perfect shot looking back down to the beach:

From there it's not too far to Porth Chapel beach (again, perfect but a bit more of a scramble to get to):

And thence on to Porthgwarra and its distinctive path through the rock:

There was a film crew at Porthgwarra and I believe they're filming a new Poldark series - can the re-make possibly be as good as the original?!

Again, the sea at Porthgwarra was glorious and stupendously clear:

and, from there, the coastal views were spectacular all the way to Land's End (where we enjoyed a well deserved Cornish ice cream!):

On the way we just missed this cow giving birth to her tiny, stumbling little calf - Mum was eating the afterbirth as we watched her baby miraculously finding her udder:

This arch and Longships Lighthouse always mean that Land's End is close!

We walked back across the fields and were delighted to walk through around this field with its edge border of wild flowers - daisies, poppies and the occasional cornflower - presumably for insects and birds - really beautiful:

We rarely visit this but of coastline, preferring to walk straight from our door, but we are planning more expeditions to other parts of the coast we've never visited so we can "fill in the gaps"!

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