Monday, 9 June 2014

Another Beautiful Walk (and another blanket)

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After a manically busy couple of weeks during which Tom returned from his gap year - early, so he could surprise Guy on his 21st birthday at Uni - we drove a big circuit to collect and deliver presents {Cornwall, Oxfordshire [for lunch], Buckinghamshire [overnight], Shropshire [overnight], Somerset [overnight], Cornwall [collapse in a heap]} things are now returning to some kind of normality (if, by normality you understand that this means clothes all over the landing, lights left on in every room and no food in the fridge {or cupboards}) and our priority was a good yomp on Sunday.

Tom joined us, which was really good, and his presence seemed to have the effect of upping the pace!  FB denies this but I'm convinced that two lots of testosterone inevitably leads to competition and, thus, the pace increases!  So, we yomped up to Chun Quoit (quite possibly my favourite Quoit):

and then down to the coast:

the path is looking glorious with all the spring flowers:

and then back up over Watchcroft to home:

bluebells and foxgloves in the foreground, St Michael's Mount just visible in the background.

For those of you who've missed it, I've just finished a new baby blanket:
in Adriafil's "Energia" - just 4 balls (one ball for each square) and the border is knitted in integrally so no edgings to add on - Simples! (And the pattern is FREE when you buy 4 balls!)

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I'm slowly lurching into the 21st century!

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