Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sundays are for Walking

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As is well known on this blog, Sundays are for walking; however, we've had a few difficult weeks of it - one week when it was so wet I physically couldn't have been wetter, didn't dare get the camera out, gave up avoiding puddles small lakes and just waded through them and - for the first time in a very long time - very nearly lost my sense of humour whilst out on the moors walking.

Then there was the glorious day when we discovered that Matt we had left the camera on so the batteries were dead (it was his fault, I'm just trying to be nice cos he reads this) and then this weekend just gone the mist was so thick we couldn't see a mine head until we were upon it but we walked anyway but there are no photos (working on the theory that thick mist isn't the most riveting thing to be photographing).

So ... herewith we have photos of a walk we did about a month ago when a) the weather was pretty good, b) the camera was working and c) there was no rugby to rush back for (yes, I've had that scenario as well).

And, in case you're wondering what all this walking is about - well, firstly it's to get/keep fit (obviously), secondly because it's hard to resist when we have such glorious scenery on our doorstop and thirdly (and probably the most apt) is because we have a memorial walk which we are attempting to do this very weekend from Lizard to Land's End along the coast path.  That's 44 miles in total (although I've just seen one site which says it's 46!) so, no, we're not attempting it in one day (although some brave, young, fit students from Truro College are) so we're walking attempting to walk from Lizard to Marazion on day one and Marazion to Land's End on day two.

So - as part of the training, we did a glorious walk along the northern coast path back in February.  We walked from home to Nine Maidens (or Boskednan Stone Circle):

and then over the top and down to the north coast path at the Rosemergy Climbing Centre:

then along the coast path to Portheras Cove:

from where we headed inland and up to a Quoit we'd never visited before - Chun Quoit:

and thence on the short distance to the Iron Age Hillfort, Chun Castle:

(with Greenbarrow Mine {and home} in the far distance).

From there we followed the lane and path to Men An Tol:

(which we pass on nearly all our walks but rarely stop and photograph, despite it being one of the most popular and photographed ancient sites in West Penwith!)

And then over the moors to Greenbarrow Mine, home and tea and toast!

Before our epic adventure this weekend, look out for new yarn which has arrived here so will be online very shortly ...................

And, in case you're wondering, yes I am anxious about walking 44/46 miles along the coast path this weekend and, yes, it's going to be a challenge (which is, kind of, the point!).

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