Monday, 6 January 2014

Farewell 2013 and Welcome 2014 - With A Bang!

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This is the time of year when every blogger reflects on the past 12 months and looks forward to the next 12 and I am no exception.

Without getting too gloomy, 2013 was a difficult year for us with 3 funerals in as many weeks in March, one of which was under such shocking and tragic circumstances that - in all honesty - none us have really recovered even now.  On the upside we achieved a long held ambition and went cycling through Cambodia, which was simply out of this world, and the boys went on to travel through Asia together which was a great success.  But, on balance we were all looking forward to putting 2013 behind us and welcoming 2014 with open arms - and what a welcome we got!

Early on Friday morning as the wind howled and the rain lashed, we heard the first ominous rumble of thunder.  Having lost numerous computer modems to lightening, FB shot downstairs and unplugged our phone lines, the computers and everything else he could think of.  Thank goodness he did!  At 8.15am there was an almighty Bang and Crash as our house was hit by lightening!

What had, in fact, happened was the electricity pole in the field above our house was hit and the force then shot down the electricity telephone lines and our line is screwed into the chimney at the top of the house and that is where the lightening hit!  Unfortunately for poor Guy, this is right next to his bed - which got him out of bed with a major start, as a blue flash thwacked through his room - apparently lightening makes a "thwacking" noise as it shoots past your head!

This is what lightening does to a telegraph pole:

And this is how far bits of the telegraph pole fly when it's hit by lightening:

That piece of wood, people, is some 100m from the pole - thank goodness there were no cows in the field.

Amazingly, the power was restored within 9 hours (well done Western Power Distribution!) but we're still waiting for phones and, consequently, internet.  Luckily all shop work is done here in the shop but poor Guy desperately needs to get some University work done so he's been here in the shop with me today (which is really quite nice but I'm not sure he feels the same!).

There was a lot of knitting done in 2013 and there's been quite a lot in 2014 too - it's amazing how much time you have when you haven't got a phone or access to all the nonsense on the internet!  All being well, "normality" will return tomorrow.

Happy 2014!

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