Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas is For Walking!!

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Well ... tomorrow has arrived (and nearly gone) and still no sign of phone or internet, although there are lots of men in BT jackets and hard hats up and down ladders and poles in the vicinity of our house so we're keeping everything crossed.   It's really quite amusing when you phone up (from work) to try and find out what's going on to be told that there's a "hole" in your line - well, yes, I guess that is what happens when a lightening bolt thwacks through your line and into your house.  We count ourselves lucky; our neighbour's entire electricity fuse box blew off her wall - she came home late on Friday and couldn't understand why we all had power and she didn't!

In between the eating, drinking, lashing rain and howling winds, we managed some wonderful walking over the festive period.  Here, in no particular order, are a few views of the glorious area where I'm lucky enough to live:

Guy and I at Mulfra Quoit (burial mound):

Avoiding bogs on Boxing Day!:

 At Zennor Quoit (another burial mound):

Going home:

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