Monday, 12 August 2013

Out and About

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It's been two weeks since my last blog and, as ever, we've been out and about on my precious days off.  Last week my brother came down with his family so we met at our usual, favourite spot - the National Trust owned Lanhydrock House.  I've lost count of how many times we've been there but I have NEVER seen it so busy - even the overlow car park was full.  Fortunately, we didn't plan to go into the house (we heard there was a 45 minute wait for that) but we managed to grab a table in the restaurant, eat lunch and then go for a lovely walk along the river.  Last year the boys stripped off and went for a swim; this year it was raining and the river was pretty full so they passed on that particular entertainment!

We were joined on our walk by some feathered friends:

The scene of last year's swimming adventure (mad fools - it was freezing!):

My family en masse (give Rowan a couple of years and I'll definitely be the shortest by almost a foot!) - Grace (on the far left) is only 13!!!!!!!

The "children" then lined up for the compulsory photos.  My Guy (in the middle) is 7 and 10 years older than his cousins - sorry Guy, you clearly haven't inherited the tall gene!:

Last year we met during the Olympics and they all did the "Usain Bolt".  This year the 3 of them did the Mobot (Tom is currently working in New Zealand so he's missing from this year's picture - height wise he would be between Guy and Rowan!):

This weekend I took an extra day off and we headed off for our traditional camping weekend with friends in Salcombe.  For various reasons we were a small group this year - just a cosy gathering of 8 - but it was good fun, the weather held, the wind dropped so the tents didn't get blown into Dorset and we even made it to the beach:

In an attempt to keep the packing to a minimum I had only taken the pair of sandals I was wearing.  They proved to wholly unsuitable for the path down to the beach!:

Notice how loving son tenderly waits and ensures that his Mum doesn't break her neck.  Hubby meanwhile films from above, desperately hoping - no doubt - for me to fall on my a**e.  I didn't.  Ha!

The beach was tiny and secret and glorious:

Guy had, inevitably, brought a rugby ball:

We then crossed to Salcombe for a fish and chip lunch for the ladies and "children" and liquid lunch for the men.  Salcombe was thriving and busy as ever and the water was full of boats having a wonderful time:

As ever, we came back tired, happy and every so slightly sun burnt tanned.

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