Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Our Silver Wedding Anniversary

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Yesterday was our Silver Wedding Anniversary - which we like to feel is some kind of achievement - even though neither of us feels old enough to have been married to anyone for that length of time!  Because we'd been on a fantastic holiday in June and because Tuesday is a work day we decided to celebrate on Sunday by walking to Marazion, staying there overnight and walking back on Monday morning in time for me to start work in the afternoon.  Bar a minor crisis on Monday morning the plan worked well and, thankfully, after pouring rain on Saturday (which I got caught in on the way home):

here's the close up!:

Sunday dawned hot and sunny.  We normally walk north to the moors and the coast so we walked on paths we'd never been on before - which was amazing - through lovely little valleys:

over some ancient bridges built from massive lumps of granite:

through some impressive gates going nowhere:

and down to the coast:

Our room had a lovely view of the bay and St Michael's Mount - and a visitor waiting for any possible scraps (we made sure there weren't any):

Shortly after we arrived champagne arrived from my parents (thanks Mum and Dad!):

Obviously, I had taken some knitting (!):

(Rico Superba Tweed for those who want to know!)

And we sat and watched as the rain poured at our house!:

and the sun set over Land's end peninsula

and a lonely fisherman fished from the beach:

Here's to the next 25 years, FB!!


  1. Oh what a lovely walk to take. I know that bit of country quite well - after taking 'O'levels (yes, I'm that old) our Form Mistress took us on an outing - we met at Ponsandane and walked to Chysauster, and then back to Heamoor. Magical day out.
    Oh and congratulations! from the superiority of approaching 46 years.

  2. Congratulations on your (nearly) 46 years! We try and walk every Sunday and it's good to remind ourselves that we're lucky to live where we do - I checked out your blog and, by a bizarre twist, I was brought up in Lincoln so know that area pretty well too!