Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Yarns!!

Knitwits Yarns

Ever since I got back from my jolly hols, I've been aware that all blogging relates to travelling and walking and absolutely nothing about knitting!  I am knitting - several things in fact - but most are secret forthcoming gifts so I'm beavering away quietly behind the scenes - all will be revealed in due course......

In the meantime we have a rather lovely new yarn in stock - King Cole Country Tweed:

It's a standard DK and looks a bit like their Riot DK with extra tweedy bits thrown in for good measure.  As ever with King Cole there are loads of patterns too.  This is my favourite:

and there are also long jackets:

a pattern for girls:

and even two patterns for men:

including this one, which I need to discuss with you:

Look at his left arm.  Clearly this jumper has been knitted in this colour:

and then half way up the left sleeve the knitter has run out of wool, grabbed whatever's in her wool bag (which she, presumably, thinks is the same colour) and knitted a section in this colour:

before (presumably) running out again and re-starting in blue.  What gets me is that I spotted it immediately (call me anal if you wish) but this pattern has been knitted, styled, photographed and then printed in its thousands seemingly without anyone else noticing.  Is it me?!!!

I've also "topped up" on a couple of new colours in various random yarns.  Three new colours in Life DK:

Two new colours in Merry Go Round:

with attendant patterns - here is a brief taster:

three new colours in Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace:

and, finally, one missing colour in Adriafil's Margarita:

Phew .... well that's all the new yarns for now - but I do have some laceweight wool and beautiful shawl pattern kits coming soon for summer .... watch this space!

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